111 Voltage Controlled Oscillator & Filter

Filter, Oscillator


This module is a re-imagining of the Roland prototype from 1978, which combined a traditional VCO and VCF. The new design is based on modern Coolaudio chips; the V3340 and the V2044, which create many new sounds.

The VCO has three waveforms; triangle, sawtooth and pulse. Each waveform is normalised into the three filter audio inputs. so that a complex patch can be created without any cables! The VCO can be sync’d to other VCO’s and the 1V/octave keyboard CV is normalised to both the oscillator and filter.

The filter delivers a 24dB low pass response with resonance into self oscillation. The filter has Q compenstaion, just like the Korg Monopoly., which means the input signal is maintained in level as resonance is increased.

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