The development of the AMSynths range of 100M modules begain on 1st January 2023, with a partnership with a new panel manufacturer in China, a partnership with a potentiometer manufacturer in China, and the start of the physical and electronic design process for each module. A PCB assembly partner was added in June 2023.

  • In March we received the first run of panels for the 141 module.
  • In April the first three modules (120, 131 and 133) were prepared for production,
  • Sales of these modules commenced in  May.
  • The 132, and revised 141 panels were manufactured during June, with a launch in early July.
  • The modules were demonstrated at Synth Fest 2023 in October.
  • After careful developmet the 111, 122 and 171 modules were launched in December.
  • In January 2024 we plan to launch the 113, 165 and 176 modules.
  • Further complex modules will be released in 2024, including a DVCO, Ambient Filter and Wavefolder VCO.

All dates depend on progress in testing, delivery of components from the UK, USA and China, and therefore may change. 

All modules will be launched via the AMSynths You Tube channel and the Facebook Group.