120 Voltage Controlled Filter & Amplifier



This module is a Eurorack replica of the Roland 100M 120 module, a prototype that Roland made in 1978 but without taking it into production. It was a combination of a VCF and a VCA in the same module.

The original 120 has been re-imagined by using the filter from the Jupiter 8 and the VCA from the 100M, creating new sounds not heard in the 100M.

The Jupiter 8 style VCF is based on the AS3109 chip with a slide switch to select between 12 and 24dB filter modes.

Q compensation has been implemented to ensure there is minimal signal level drop at higher resonance settings. The filter is trimmed to go into self oscillation at the maximum resonance setting.

The VCA has both exponential and linear response modes, selected by a slide switch. The output of the VCF is normalised into the first signal input of the VCA. A grey powder coated panel, with white silk screen, has been custom manufactured for the module.

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