141 ADSR, Gate Delay and Adder



This module is a replica of the Roland 141 prototype of 1978. It contains an ADSR envelope generator, a Gate Delay and an Inverter Adder.

The envelope generator has been carefully translated to Eurorack; with the correct attack curve, 2Meg log slide potentiometers and the important Trigger input. This enables the envelope to be re-triggered as fast cascades of notes are played on a keyboard.,

The Gate Delay is used to delay and stretch a Euorack gate signal up to 7 seconds. The Rise and Fall times control the amount of delay and stretch rerespectively. A green LED indicates when the new Gate signal is active.

The Inverter Adder is used to mix and invert CV signals, including gate signals.. Each inverter has two inputs and two outputs with unity gain.

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