133 Dual DC VCA



When Roland developed the System 100M they created a Dual VCA module (130), with an AC coupled signal path. Replicas of the 130  module cannot be used for adjusting the level of CV signals, so we have created a dual VCA that is DC coupled and can handle audio and control voltages. 

The AM8133 has two DC coupled VCA’s based on the AS3360 chip. There are two 30mm CV input level slider pots for each VCA and a rotary pot for GAIN. The sliders have subtle green LED’s and the rotary pots have Roland TR808 style knobs.

There are jack sockets for the CV inputs at the top of the panel, and input and output sockets at the base. This makes for easy patching into a Eurorack system whilst maintaining visibility of the controls. There are two green LEDs that indicates the level of the output signals.

There are no capacitors in the signal path, and high quality Op Amps have been used to ensure minimal DC offset, so that the VCA’s can be used with pitch signals. A grey powder coated panel, with white silk screen, has been custom manufactured for the module.

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