132 CV Mixers



This is a set of two identical CV mixers in one module, with 4x inputs each, and non-inverted and inverted outputs. Each input has its own jack socket and slide potentiometer. There are also two precision preset voltages controlled by slide potentiometers, providing 0 to +10v and 0 to -10V.

Each preset voltage has its own dedicated output jack, and the precision voltages default into In3 (+10v) and In4 (-10V) of each mixer, when no external signals are patched in. The front panel plays homage to the Roland 132 module with similar graphics and lettering.

The signal inputs and outputs are wide ranging at ±10V peak-to-peak. The 20mm slide potentiometers have subtle red LED’s. The circuit is based on RC4580 Op Amps and a precision +10V voltage reference.  There are 16x 3.5 mm jack sockets on the powder coated front panel, which has a white silk screen. print:

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