131 Audio Mixer



This module is a replica of the Roland 131 module from the System 100M of 1978. It is a four channel AC coupled mixer intended for mixing 10V ptp audio signals into a stereo outputs. The mixer can be used as a final stage before an audio interface and DAW or as an interim mixer within a Eurorack system. Jumpers on the rear of the PCB set each output at 10V p-t-p or +4dBu level.

The level of the inputs at the top of the module are mixed using 30mm slide potentiometers. High quality rotary potentiometers are used for channel panning and the overall master volume. The sliders have subtle green LED’s and the rotary pots have Roland TR808 style control knobs.

There are three 3.5mm jack sockets at the base of the module for the stereo and mono outputs. All outputs have green LED’s to monitor the level of the signal. On the rear of the PCB there are three jumpers that set whether the ouputs are at normal Eurorack level or attenuated for sending to external audio equipment.

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